Hi, I am Asaad.

Passionate about making life and human expression more connected and free.
CompSci Masters Student @ KAUST 2022.
I want to be involved in a cool and challenging internship for the next summer!

Asaad has showed an example of good leadership among his colleagues by leading the group to write an internal research proposal for undergraduate research at KFUPM. He has had organized meetings, collected and documented ideas, and written a draft proposal.

- Dr. Muhamad Felemban, Undergrad Research Advisor

Throughout my 7 years in Saudi Aramco, I have been responsible for more than 10 summer students. Asaad was way above his peers to the extent that he was the only summer I know of who was granted an extension for his summer training period because the company viewed him as a great asset.

- Abdullah Al-Abdullah, Saudi Aramco Internship Mentor

Despite the relatively short internship period (3 months), he quickly shown outstanding proficiency, skills, and diligence in a way that is unparallel by some of the more experienced employees, let alone other summer training students. Asaad has demonstrated immense impact in the short time we had him.

- Abdullah Al-Abdullah, Saudi Aramco Internship Mentor

Named in Experts & Consultants in Science 20 Report as part of G20 Summit Proceedings

I have contributed to S20 report on analysis and recommendations from Saudi Arabia S20 Task Force Dialogues and Consultative Activities that was submitted to G20 summit held virtually in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mobicom '20 SRC Award

BeeCast have been accepted into Mobicom '20 Demo and Posters track. I have won the Second Place in the conference undergraduate SRC becoming the first Saudi student to achieve that.
Paper published on the following: BeeCast: a collaborative video streaming system
National TV Interview (English Captions provided): https://youtu.be/nS1eOVJSanY

Social Distancing Bracelets

I thought about a Proximity Bracelet IoT solution that keeps people close together, such as keeping moms and newborns in close proximity in maternity wards, and discussed it with my IoT course instructor Dr. Louai throughout my last semester at King Fahd University.

Suddenly COVID-19 happened, and then we changed the focus to keeping people far away from each other and supporting normal lifestyle during a pandemic. We received a Fast-Track COVID-19 $5,333 grant from the university after pitching the idea to the Deanship of Research committe. I was also assigned an office and received national TV coverage. I am in the process of protoyping a Social Distancing Bracelet over the Summer of 2020.

Graduation and what have I done during COVID19?

I have delivered a successful Senior Project and fulfilled all graduation requirements with Honors while meeting my PI responsibilities and volunteering for ICLR 2020 and COVID-19 Translation Project for translation of the successful Korean CDC Protocol.


As an undergrad, I was the principal investigator of BeeCast, a collaborative adaptive video streaming system which won the 2nd place at KAUST WEP 2020 Undergraduate Posters Competition and for which I have received $12,000 undergraduate research grant.

BeeCast can be used to alleivate stress on video servers during critical times such as the COVID-19 pandemic where educational institutions' IT infrastracture cannot support all students' online learning at the same time. We are currently in the progress of filling for a patent.

Saudi Aramco

During my summer internship at Saudi Aramco, I have proposed and delivered automation projects with cost savings of approximately $500,000 that are still used to this day.

The most notable project: Quarterly Report Generator (QRGEN) is a pythonic tool to generate aesthetically consistent Word documents for Saudi Aramco Innovation Performance report. This tool has cut down time needed to work on these report pages from a week to seconds.

Skills & Interests

Code, code, code.

Python, Java, JavaScript, Scala, Bash Scripting, and Assembly.. I am a quick learner, and I learn best by making things.


I like to read. Whether it is a book, an article, a research paper, or a webpage. In particular, I prefer reading social, philosophy, and history books, stories, and experiences that makes you think different.

Persistent Troubleshooter

Growing up, I am always figuring things out on my own.. no matter how many google searches I have to do, documentations I have to read or try-again sessions I have to put my brain through.


My favorite feeling in the world is when I explain a complex concept to someone and they get an Eureka moment! It is priceless. I love explaining stuff.

Project Lead

Thanks to my Saudi Aramco internship and my experience in leading two different grants, I have some experience in leading teams and conducting effective meetings.


I love breaking the awkward silence and bonding with people from different cultures and learning their unique stories and languages. I have been mostly picking up lots of Spanish, Japanese and Thai & a bit of Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian and Malay!